What is Canstruction®?

Canstruction® is a non-profit organization that addresses hunger across the world. Canstruction competitions are being fostered in cities large and small across the United States and abroad. In Boston, we count on architects, engineers, and construction companies throughout the city and surrounding communities to participate, sponsor, and support this effort with an annual design-build competition. Teams come together to build larger than life designs that can tower anywhere up to 10 feet tall and using little more than their structural ingenuity. Team designs rely on a keen eye for color when selecting the cans that they will purchase for their structure as one of the winning categories is “Best Design”. Each structure is built following the “no adhesives” guidelines set forth in the competition rules.

All competitions are governed by a standardized set of rules and regulations. Each city’s entries are judged in a number of amusing categories. Winning designs travel (via digital photography) to a panel of celebrated jurors who choose the year’s top winner in each category at the AIA Convention each year. The public is invited to come and see the giant canned art exhibitions on display in each city. The structures are dismantled at the close of every exhibition and the thousands of pounds of food generated from each event are donated to local food banks.

In 2015, the Boston Canstruction competition donated over 80,000 pounds of food from the participating 25 firms to The Merrimack Valley Food Bank, and over the last twenty years, we have donated well over 800,000 pounds of food to families in need. Thousands of hungry people are fed wherever a Canstruction competition is held. Media coverage helps people know that “one can” makes a difference. Canstruction is one competition where everyone wins, especially those who are hungry and most in need.

This event is FREE to the public and located at 280 and 290 Congress Street in Boston. Check the Events tab for dates and times.

Canstruction Boston is sponsored annually by the Boston Society of Architects and Boston Properties at Atlantic Wharf.

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Learn more about Canstruction, Inc. and the national charity organization here: http://www.canstruction.org/about

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