2010 Canstruction Boston Award Winners


Below are the various winners of the 2010 Boston Canstruction competition, which used the theme “Hunger is No Laughing Matter”.  The event was held over the month of October in various exhibit spaces throughout the Bunker Hill Community College campus located in Charlestown, Massachusetts.

Photo by Damianos Photography

Jurors’ Favorite:

Penniless Clown

TRO Jung/Brannen (TRO J/B)

2,750 cans used

TRO J/B carefully chose this clown sculpture based on the theme “Hunger is No Laughing Matter.”  The cans were selected for their nutritional value and non-vibrant color labels to best reflect a less-traditional downtrodden clown.  The lower portion of the sculpture shows the tattered remnants of a once-proud jacket, which is composed of a few levels of green bean cans.  His tired pale face color is constructed with the beige labels of cut wax beans and no-salt whole potatoes, along with sliced carrots and kidney beans to help accent his skin tone.  He has an unkempt red beard made of pinto beans and an old blue hat made of black bean cans.  Black mandarin orange and white tuna cans define his sad eyes and frowning mouth.  Hope is not yet lost for the clown however, as he has retained his bright red nose made up of varying sized cans of tomatoes and, a yellow and pink flower on his hat made up of chickpeas and salmon.  The sculpture’s height is completely supported by cans with foam core or plywood used to divide each level.  Rubber bands were used to secure the cans to each other and wire and Velcro to hang cans from the cantilevered levels to hide the underside of the plywood.


Photo by Damianos Photography

Structural Ingenuity:

Hash Brown Hero Emerges in the Fight Against Hunger

Simpson Gumpertz & Heger (SGH)

2,669 cans used

Mr. Potato Head combats hunger and brings smiles to children’s faces.  Our sculpture is a 12:1 replica of the beloved childhood toy and is self-supported using 1/2″ plywood leveling layers contoured to match the shoes, body, face, hat, and an interior support column of cans.  The arms are constructed of Crystal Light attached to 1/4″ threaded rod.  Hunger, there is a new super hero in town and his name is Mr. Potato Head!








Photo by Damianos Photography

Best Use of Labels:

Paws Off!

Prellwitz Chilinski Associates (PCA)

2,952 cans used

Even for a comedic cat, Garfield takes his food seriously.  And there is no getting in the way of Garfield and his hunger.  That’s why we’re using close to 3,000 cans in order to help fight hunger (and satisfy our feline friend!).  Our structure consists of an assortment of canned goods ranging from beans and carros to sauerkraut and lobster bisque.  We even include a few ingredients for lasagna (red, white, and tan).  These cans aren’t fro anyone but the Grater Boston Food Bank, so “Paws Off!”





Photo by Damianos Photography

Best Meal:

Mapping Hunger

Architectural Resources Cambridge (ARC)

2,130 cans used

Taking this year’s theme literally, hunger IS no laughing matter!  In our goal to show the seriousness of hunger, ARC has “mapped” the city’s neighborhoods, creating a three-dimensional surface graph of the City of Boston.  The resulting surface is a representation of relative levels of hunger in each neighborhood, which were determined using statistics on median household income as a measure of relative levels of hunger throughout Boston neighborhoods.  Each neighborhood is represented by a unique can type, which together make a map of Boston.  To further stress the importance of hunger, cans were selected both individually and as a collective for their nutritional value and contribution to an overall healthy and balanced meal.  In addition to contributing more than 2,000 can s of much needed wholesome food to those in need, the team at ARC hopes to make a statement by showing the City of Boston’s relationship to hunger in a unique visual way.


Photo by Damianos Photography

Honorable Mention:

Hunger:  Legally Prohibited from Being a Laughing Matter by CBT

6,432 cans used

Hunger:  Legally Prohibited from Being a Laughing Matter is on tour now!  On October 18, 2010, Conan O’Brien announced via his Twitter account that he would embark on a 3-week tour to combat hunger.  To promote the tour, O’Brien has crated an eight-foot by eight-foot “I’m with Coco” display using 6, 431 canned food items.  Born in Brookline, Massachusetts and raised in a large Irish Catholic family, this structure is a tribute to O’Brien’s Irish roots.  It is primarily constructed out of potatoes, corned beed hash and carrots, and his signature bright orange hair is constructed out of 888 pinto bean cans.  According to TMZ, O’Brien will not keep any of the proceeds from the tour; instead he is opting to donate all of the cans to the Greate Boston Food Bank when the tour concludes.




Photo by Damianos Photography

Honorable Mention:

Good Grief

Wiss, Janney, Elstner Associates (WJE) and Northeastern University

4,205 cans used

For the theme of “Hunger is no Laughing Matter”, Northeastern University’s Chi Epsilon Society and Wiss, Janney, Elstner Associated constructed Charlie Brown sitting next to his dog Snoopy, which is laying on his dog house.  The name of the structure is a common Charlie Brown quote.  Beneath every layer of cans is a leveling later of 3/32″ masonite.  The masonite created a cantilever for the roof of the doghouse, both surrounding the outer perimeter and the hollow interior.  Snoopy’s weight perched atop the roof is over the hollow dog house.  Charlie Brown’s arms are supported by masonite and his legs are kept together with rubber bands.  Other than the rubber bands, the entire structure is held in place by gravity.